Learning to Listen

I don’t know about you… but I can be incredibly stubborn – especially when it comes to answering the call of Spirit.  

For many years… there’s been a nagging voice whispering in my ear… invading my thoughts… encouraging me to step into my power… accept the mantle of Witch… share my experiences and my journeys… 

The site… Serendipity Wyrd – my public persona and magickal self – is the answer to that call… the refusal to remain living in fear of the “what ifs”.

I’ve spent my life engaging with emotion… with energy… with inspiration… while simultaneously hiding my gifts and talents… afraid of what others would say… afraid of myself, really.

No more.

I am learning to listen to myself… that whisper of the “true self”, the “higher self.”  I’m not always fantastic at this skill… I’m much more practiced at living by fear.  Yet, everyday, I practice. 

I grow, I strengthen my belief in myself, my desire to create my own way, my manifestation of magick.

This is a journey and a practice that will never end… and has never ended.  Even when this particular physical form ends… my soul shall continue its work.

I tried to ignore the nudge… but eventually… I couldn’t help but listen.

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