Discover how YOU are the MAGICIAN so YOU can CRAFT YOUR REALITY.

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Do you feel like the world is coming AT you instead of FROM you?  Are you READY to claim your magick, craft your reality, and develop a “new normal”?  Instead of giving into fear and uncertainty, lean into this mindset: YOU are the MAGICIAN of your life.  You can CRAFT YOUR REALITY.

In this reading by Serendipity Wyrd, DISCOVER how you are the magician with insights into:

  • your current relationship to your magick
  • what can HELP you connect to your personal power
  • which tools can assist you in connecting to your magick

Choose a customized WRITTEN reading delivered as a full-color 7-9 page PDF YOU are the MAGICIAN booklet containing photos of your reading, the sacred space created for your reading, and “homework and tips” to help you integrate the insights offered in your reading into your practice and your life.


Choose a 30 minute LIVE VIDEO chat session with Serendipity Wyrd where you can ask questions, take notes, and get 1:1 support to claim your magick.

Before purchase, please read through my policy details and ethics, found HERE.

The archetype of The Magician is found in the Tarot as a symbol of manifesting one’s will and personal power.  The Magician is empowered by their connection to the four elements and their personal power.  Through initiation into their personal mysteries, they write their own truth and create their own reality.  Unlimited potential is at their disposal.  A resourceful figure of action, the Magician doesn’t wait around, lamenting their unhappiness.  The Magician takes action, asserting their will and working their magick to acheive abundance.

As you discover how YOU are the MAGICIAN, may you be touched by your creativity and potential allowing you to take positive action to confidently connect to your magick.  By connecting to YOUR MAGICK may you begin the work of creating your reality.


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