Witchy Yoga Session


Find a better relationship with the body you have right now in a Witchy Yoga Session.

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A Witchy Yoga Session is for you if you ever face challenges like these:
Do you struggle to accept the body you are in?
Do you jump from one diet to another thinking, “If only I could lose these extra pounds… I’d like my body?”
Do you hear the words “self love” and cringe?

Find a better relationship with the body you have right now in a Witchy Yoga Session with Serendipity Wyrd!

Each Witchy Yoga Session is specifically tailored to your needs and ability level.  Yoga is for EVERY BODY!  Do you have a body? You can do yoga.

Never done yoga before?! No problem: Serendipity Wyrd guides you through every pose with lots of audio cues to help you feel into your body.

Not flexible? Totally fine – yoga isn’t about becoming a pretzel, it’s about finding union with your mind, body, and spirit.


30 Minute Session, 1 hour Session

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