Foolish Me…


FIND your inner fool so you can BRAVE YOUR UNKNOWN.

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Do you feel shaken by CHANGE and uncertainty? Do you FEAR the unknown?  Are you worried about your NEXT STEP?  DISCOVER your inner fool and harness the Fool’s strengths in this reading by Serendipity Wyrd, FOOLISH ME.

The archetypes of the Major Arcana found in the Tarot live within us all.  Each archetype offers wisdom relating to the human experience and our spiritual journeys.

The archetype of The Fool is a symbol of innocence, beginnings, and spontaneity.  The piece of each of us which is ready for a change.    To continue forward despite the risks – confident, without regard for their inexperience and without expectation, the Fool is ready to know what they don’t know.

You begin, as the Fool – inexperienced, naive, curious, and seeking.  Standing peering over your cliff of certainty,  eager to brave your unknown, you stand.

Are you ready to take the leap into your unknown?

This reading explores YOUR inner fool.  Receive INSIGHT into:

  • how you are the Fool within your life, right now
  • your eagerness, recklessness, and excitement
  • what new adventure beckons

Choose a customized WRITTEN reading delivered as a full-color 7-9 page PDF FOOLISH ME booklet containing photos of your reading, the sacred space created for your reading, and “homework and tips” to help you integrate the insights offered in your reading into your practice and your life.


Choose a 30 minute LIVE VIDEO chat session with Serendipity Wyrd where you can ask questions, take notes, and get 1:1 support.

Before purchase, please read through my policy details and ethics, found HERE.

As you receive insight into your INNER FOOL, may you tap into your courage to BRAVE YOUR UNKNOWN.  By braving your unknown, may you DISCOVER YOURSELF.


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