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  • Mini Wyrd Glimpse product image

    Mini Wyrd Glimpse


    Discover the dominant runic energy at play in your area of focus with this Mini Wyrd Glimpse.

  • Animal Spirit Ally – Written Reading

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    Discover an Animal Spirit and the area of your life in which they work.  Using a mixture of the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck with the Tarot and/or the Elder Futhark Runes, Serendipity Wyrd will divine which Animal Spirit is seeking your attention.  Learn about your guide and the arena in which they are offering assistance, along with suggestions for engaging with them for personal development and spiritual growth.

    Reading is delivered via e-mail in PDF form within 7 business days.  PDF includes image of cards and/or runes pulled for your reading and a detailed explanation of the individual cards and their interactions (250+ words).

  • Serendipity Wyrd at reading table

    30 Minutes with Me – Video Session


    Book a 30 minute video session with Serendipity Wyrd for guidance in spiritual, career, and relationship queries.

  • Open book with pentacle, cup, wand, and sword. Text states: craft your reality, connect to your magick, you are the magician

    YOU are the MAGICIAN


    Do you feel like the world is coming AT you instead of FROM you?  Are you READY to claim your magick, craft your reality, and develop a “new normal”?  Instead of giving into fear and uncertainty, lean into this mindset: YOU are the MAGICIAN of your life.  You can CRAFT YOUR REALITY.

    In this reading by Serendipity Wyrd, DISCOVER how you are the magician with insights into:

    • your current relationship to your magick
    • what can HELP you connect to your personal power
    • which tools can assist you in connecting to your magick

    Choose a customized WRITTEN reading delivered as a full-color 7-9 page PDF YOU are the MAGICIAN booklet containing photos of your reading, the sacred space created for your reading, and “homework and tips” to help you integrate the insights offered in your reading into your practice and your life.


    Choose a 30 minute LIVE VIDEO chat session with Serendipity Wyrd where you can ask questions, take notes, and get 1:1 support to claim your magick.

    Before purchase, please read through my policy details and ethics, found HERE.

  • Figure stands at the edge of a cliff. Text: Foolish Me - a reading to discover the Fool within

    Foolish Me…


    Do you feel shaken by CHANGE and uncertainty? Do you FEAR the unknown?  Are you worried about your NEXT STEP?  DISCOVER your inner fool and harness the Fool’s strengths in this reading by Serendipity Wyrd, FOOLISH ME.

    Are you ready to take the leap into your unknown?

    This reading explores YOUR inner fool.  Receive INSIGHT into:

    • how you are the Fool within your life, right now
    • your eagerness, recklessness, and excitement
    • what new adventure beckons


  • Figure looking up at description of dark moon reading.

    Dark Moon Vibes

  • Glimpse the Wyrd - Rune Reading
  • Side Plank Yoga Pose with text: Witchy Yoga Session

    Witchy Yoga Session

  • Serendipity Wyrd with Moon - text: One Hour for YOU

    One Hour for YOU – Video Session


    Book a 30 minute video session with Serendipity Wyrd for guidance in spiritual, career, and relationship queries.