Self-Love September Journey

Hugging Myself - text: Self Love September Journey
Giving myself a hug – Graphic created by Serendipity Wyrd

September has always held a special place in my heart.

It’s the time when the weather often starts to shift from INSANELY HOT to MODERATELY DECENT. Autumn descends upon us. AND… it’s the month of my birth. It’s only natural for me to undertake a Self-Love September Journey.

Through my Instagram, I’ve documented some of my yoga journey, inner joy, and emotional struggles. As I created (mostly) daily journals on IG about my practice this past June/July, I realized that I could actually create videos sharing my practice with all y’all. This led to filling a notebook with plans and ideas for what a Self-Love September Journey could look like. To be sure I could follow through on this ambitious project, I planned to record videos throughout August.

Then, August came bearing grief as my brother passed suddenly from this world into the land of spirit. My heart broke open as memories flooded in of caring for him and centering my life around him in my youth. I let my daily practices fall away as I alternated between surrendering to grief and entertaining myself with distractions. Some days, I didn’t want to get off the couch, let alone do yoga.

By the end of the month, the initial shock had subsided.

I missed my daily yoga and meditation… and I’d barely shuffled any of my cards in weeks. I pulled a couple cards looking at what I want… and what action to take to get it.

Seven of Swords - Figure sneaking away carrying 5 out of 7 swords.  Ace of Cups - An overflowing cup is being offered with an open hand.
Deck: Radiant Rider-Waite-Smith. Photo by Serendipity Wyrd.

The Seven of Swords whispered to me of my desire to take all I’ve learned – gather it all up – and move on… into a space of my own creation. It was time to leave behind my conflicted feelings, those imposter syndrome style insecurities. What action would carry me forward?

The Ace of Cups – joyous and jubilantly overflowing – the promise and possibility of new emotions, new connections, new fluid motion. The flow would carry me forward.

These cards encouraged me to proceed with my project.

I realized I need myself to be the vessel, the chalice, of possibility and potential. To release my fears, I must confront them. I must find the flow, the current, which has carried me through times of strife and struggle to bring me new prosperity.

So, I am. For 30 days, I am creating daily practices mixing Movement (yoga), Meditation, and Messages (divination) which will become the Self-Love September Journey. I know the general path and theme… but the actual experience will unfold as it flows through me. I’m incredibly excited to be birthing this journey.

The Intro to the Self Love September Journey
Self Love September Journey – Yoga, Meditation, Divination Practice – Day 1

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