Love Letter to Myself

This love letter to myself was inspired by a post in The Black Hound Social Club (the “Pub” of The Witches’ Realm) created by Lisa Jade of Living the Liminal. The post was an invitation to share a selfie… and a love letter to ourselves. The thread popped up after a late night of self-reflection and writing a statement of my life’s purpose. I found this to be such an inspiring activity, I thought it should be saved and shared here.

Dearest Self, my Serendipitous Wyrd~o,
We’ve had a rocky relationship at times. It’s taken me a long while to realize my feelings for you. I was so caught up in who I thought you were supposed to be… that I was blind to who you already are.

Thank you for ripping off the blindfold. Thank you for your bravery and courage to wade through the darkness with me while as I stumbled towards your light!

I love you, today, and forever, for everything you are and have been. You are a thing of beauty, darling. 

You have always created space for others to feel comfortable, as evidenced by your dog lying on your butt in this photo. I’m so proud of you for learning to create the space for YOU to be comfortable.

Take my love… and forge the glorious beacon you are becoming for your truth, your authenticity, your brilliance, your creativity, and your beauty! 

Sincerely, with love and adoration, 
Serendipity Wyrd

Have you ever written yourself a love letter? How did it feel? Do you find it easy to love yourself? Is it a challenge? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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