Serendipity Wyrd provides guidance for:
healing your heart
living your truth
stepping into your authentic self


*Contact will be initiated by Serendipity Wyrd within 2-3 full days after purchase.  Please be sure to fill out the contact form at purchase with accurate e-mail contact information.

*Prior to your appointment, please provide notes and the question / concern you would like to focus on for your reading.  A specific open-ended question generally yields the best results.  The more information you provide in your notes, the more specific the message.  

*For mini-readings, your reading will be delivered within 2-3 full days from receipt of email containing specific question and notes on the chosen focus.  

*If no response is received to the inquiry email within 7 days after purchase, a general reading will be completed and sent.  

*Appointments are expected to begin on time. Tardiness of more than 5 minutes will result in the appointment being rescheduled.

*Please notify Serendipity Wyrd with 24 hours advance notice if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment.

*Last minute refund requests and cancellations are not accepted. If you change your mind about a reading or session, please contact Serendipity Wyrd ASAP.


*Serendipity Wyrd’s services are open to all, 18 and up, regardless of race, religion, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic background and employment, body shape, size, or ability. If you have specific pronouns you prefer, please state that in your notes.  

*Confidentiality – All readings and information provided to inform the reading are considered confidential.  

*Fate/Destiny – What you do with the message of the reading is up to you.  Readings are not intended nor guaranteed to be absolute determinants of fate or destiny.  It is Serendipity Wyrd’s belief that the future always holds possibility.  Every individual is empowered to change the coarse of their life.  “Outcomes” are suggestions or themes that are likely to occur, NOT absolutes.  

*Serendipity Wyrd does not advise on specific questions/outcomes regarding legal, financial, or health/medical situations.    

*While Serendipity Wyrd has a variety of psychic abilities, mostly in the realm of claircognition (clear knowing) and clairsentience (clear feeling), there is no guarantee of mediumship or contacting lost loved ones, sometimes specific information is channeled and sometimes not.   

*While readings can be incredibly useful tools on the path to healing traumas, readings are NOT a substitute for a licensed mental health professional.  Please seek licensed professional care for immediate crisis and ongoing treatment. 

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