Hugging myself. Text: Day 3 - Stability.

Day 3 – Stability

We enter the third day of our journey.

For Day 3 – Stability is our focus. In our physical practice we find our footing. Attention is drawn to the legs and feet as we begin to rise up off the floor. If you missed yesterday’s practice, click here or start from the beginning.

Creating a solid foundation is necessary in our yoga practice to protect the body from injury. Off the mat, the foundation of other aspects of our life can indicate what level of stability we find within that aspect.

Concrete structures provide support for overpass.
A stong foundation makes a different. Image by Lutz Peter from Pixabay

Today’s yoga practice – Rising from the floor!

For our Day 3 – Stability yoga practice, you might want to have a set of blocks (or a couple thick books) nearby to help bring the ground a little higher as we move from hands-and-knees to standing today. A blanket, towel, or other piece of folded fabric may also be useful to provide extra padding under the knees.

We’ll continue to pay attention to the four corners of our feet as we find our way to standing.

Feet and legs of a child standing on solid ground.
Image by Esi Grünhagen from Pixabay

Today’s Meditation – Finding Stability

Starting from a place of groundedness, we seek stability. The stability we find by centering into a space of quiet within ourselves can help us navigate the rest of life when upheaval touches our lives.

A house built upside down.
Sometimes, it feels like everything is upside down. Image by Kai Meißner from Pixabay

Today’s Divination: How can self-love help me find stability?

The High Priestess from the Shadowscapes Tarot.
The High Priestess. Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot. Image by Serendipity Wyrd

She whispers, “inner knowing, intuition, trust yourself.”

The High Priestess absolutely FEELS like the right energy and answer to this question for me right now… but translating that feeling into English words is proving challenging.

Doing this work, creating this journey, brings me more in alignment with my path – my possibility.  This alignment creates stability.  Appreciating and sharing my gifts brings me joy.

The element of Air is so present in this imagery.  The High Priestess here seems to float about the waves.  Waves which hold secrets and mysteries.  Below her flies an owl whose form replicates that of herself.  Wings and  arms outstretched in flight. 

“Won’t you soar?” She asks.  “Take flight and allow yourself to rise to your potential.  Answer the call to love your own soul and know that nothing will be able to keep you down.”

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