Day 2 – Grounding

We enter the second day of our journey.

Here in Day 2 – Grounding, we begin to connect to the Root Chakra. Chakra is the sanskrit word meaning “wheel” which refers to the various energy centers found in the body. There are hundreds of chakras. We’ll be focuses on the “big 7” as we move through days 2-29 of the journey. I like to imagine my chakras as whirling, swirling spirals of energy found in key points of my body.

The Root Chakra, in Sanskrit: मूलाधार or anglicized as Muladhara, is found at the very base of the spine. It literally translates to ““root and basis of Existence.” It governs the areas of our bodies dealing with excretion, as well as the legs and feet. This energy center informs our groundedness, stability, security, and base needs. Sometimes, people refer to this as the “I need” chakra.

Our practices for days 2-5 will be centered on activating and working with the energy of our Root Chakra. Today, we are specifically looking at Grounding.

Today’s yoga practice – engage those feet and legs!

Grounding at the water's edge.  Barefeet in the sand.
Image by Nadine Asfour from Pixabay

For the Day 2 – Grounding yoga practice, you’ll need a rolled up towel, blanket, or other piece of fabric. Be sure to have your journal and divination tools on hand. Before starting, I encourage you to take the time to set up a sacred space for your practice. Maybe light a candle dedicated to your practice or burn a special incense.

We start from a seated position, legs outstretched, engaging and working with our feet. Then, shifting to our backs, we continue feeling into our feet. Connecting with each toe. Finding the four corners of our feet – a term you often hear in yoga classes.

From here, we take a brief foray into Bridge Pose (sanskrit: Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) and place our rolled up towel / blanket / other fabric underneath the sacrum – above the tail bone – for Supported Bridge. After staying here for a few breaths, we’ll return to Bridge Pose. Then, lowering gentle to the ground, we take a moment for rest.

Supported Bridge always helps me ground. The lift through the lower back tends to feel glorious as the rest of my body melts into the ground. Finding the right spot for the support is key to this pose. Too high or too low can be painful. I like the rolled up fabric instead of a block because it is softer on the back. Experiment with what feels best for your body.

When practicing Bridge and Supported Bridge it is important to pay attention to the alignment of your neck – tucking your chin into the chest while lifting the pelvis straight up helps protect you from neck injury.

Today’s Meditation – Grounding into our Roots

Large tree roots grounding into the earth.
Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay

Today’s Divination: How can I feel grounded in my self-love?

Knight of Wands from the Shadowscapes Tarot.
My personal divination for Day 2 – Grounding. Image by Serendipity Wyrd. Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot

When I think of grounding, I tend to lean way into the element of Earth.  Today, the element whispering to me, instead, is Fire 🔥🔥🔥

Actually, today, Fire wasn’t so much “whispering” – he was yelling!  Recording the footage for today’s practice video – both cameras overheated in the sun!  I took 3 tries to get everything recorded.  AND… my candle ended up melting while lit – ALL the wax caught creating quite a large flame! 

Candle on fire in a dish on an altar.
Witches! Don’t leave your candles unattended! Image by Serendipity Wyrd

Then, the Knight of Wands shows up in ALL of his Fiery Glory!  Knights are often considered fire cards, as are the wands.  I’m totally feeling double fire here.  If I remember correctly, the Knight of Wands, made a couple of appearances in last year’s Self-Love divination.  I remember seeing Loki in this card – excited and ready for trouble. 😜

While definitely not a card I would typically jump to for describing grounding… he feels right for me at this time.  To stay connected and grounded within this journey, I gotta be ready to create, to move, to be passionate, and to surge forward.  The action of creating the daily videos, of keeping my practice active, IS an act of grounding for me, right now.

Engage with the full practice:

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