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Howdy, y’all wonderful Wyrd~Os. Welcome to my Creating Synthesis Project 2020.

As some of you may know… I’ve decided to do a deep dive into a “depth year” for 2020. A depth year is when you narrow your focus to specific interests and look to go deeper into those interests instead of shallowly seeking a larger quantity of interests. This can also be done with a mind towards conservative spending so you use what you have versus going out and buying more things.

I’m calling this: Creating Synthesis Project 2020
Creating Synthesis is my project for this year. Diving deep into this depth year. Narrowing my focus to that which sings to my soul. Figuring out my magickal life and how I want to live it.

Making the changes I feel called to make while tracking the changes, how I feel, and what it is like to move through this process.

Current changes in place:
~ NO SODA 2020
~ Yoga – EVERY DAMN DAY – as often as possible at the The Shiva Yoga Shala
~ Restaurants are for special occasions not everyday
~ Deleted all phone games besides Pokémon Go
~ Walking to the library daily for the PokéStop
~ Intermittent Fasting – Calorie intake hours are 14:00-22:00
~ Daily Update – Currently via going Live on my Serendipity Wyrd Facebook page.
~ Creating monthly divination challenges
Continuing to better my living space and create sacred work space

Yes, this is super ambitious! Yes, I will likely “fail” at some portion of this throughout the year. THIS IS OK! I’m learning – and that’s what matters to me.

📺 Watch my daily lives for updates into how the changes are coming and how I feel emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

DAY 1 – I discuss the basis of the project.

DAY 2 – I discuss my day, returning to yoga at the Shala, where I was last year, and pull my day 1 cards for the January Year Ahead Divination Challenge I created.

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