Synthesis Saturday – Celebrate Your Creativity

Color wheel with text "Synthesis Saturday"

Welcome to Synthesis Saturday – a celebration of the magic of creativity!

Starting today, every Saturday on the Creating Synthesis Facebook page look for #SynthesisSaturday.  In the space of this weekly thread, I invite you to share an image and/or story of your recent creative pursuits.

Together, let us celebrate the creativity that resides in each of us by sharing our projects with one another.

The text "Together, We Create"painted on a brick wall.
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Why “Synthesis” Saturday?

Words and language fascinate me. I especially LOVE alliteration (repeating letters/sounds at the beginning of closely connected words). So, I knew if I wanted to create a space for sharing creative acts on Saturdays I had to find a word that also started with an “S” AND was relevant to creativity.

Much scouring of internet thesauruses (thesauri?) happened. I quickly learned “s” is not a letter that commonly begins words associated with creativity. I need to get creative about my word usage.

At some point in this journey, I stumbled upon the concept of alchemy and the definition for synthesis:

SYNTHESIS [ sin-thuh-sis ]
noun, plural syn·the·ses [sinthuh-seez] .

1. the combining of the constituent elements of separate material or abstract entities into a single or unified entity (opposed to analysis,) the separating of any material or abstract entity into its constituent elements.

2. a complex whole formed by combining.

YES! YES!!! YES!!!!!

Combining multiple parts into a new whole is a part of what constitutes creation! I had my word! SYNTHESIS SATURDAY was born!

Pink gradient background with fireworks forming a heart.
Image by lumpi from Pixabay

Why celebrate creativity?

Because creativity is an essential part of being human. It is the energy swirling in our sacral chakra. It is the drive to procreate. It is the desire to merge function and beauty. It is the impulse to make that provides our tools, our innovations, and our technology.

Creativity is one of the most primal forms of magic and our magick.  

As expressed in my article Creating Synthesis: YOU Are the CREATIVE Magick-Maker of Your Life!, creativity is not limited to arts and crafts.  All acts of creation are creative.

For some, our creativity may manifest as art or craft… for some it may be creating space in our homes… spellwork or witchcrafting… the written word… a proposal for change at work or school… ways to implement change in our lives… bringing new life into being… putting together a piece of IKEA furniture… a song… a dance… etc.

Hands cupping swirls of color.  Many words such as "awake" "aware" "alive" are written on the hands.
Image by John Hain from Pixabay

The intention of this space…

is to celebrate and share the diversity in which creativity manifests.  Share your creations from a place of celebration… not promotion. What do I mean?

Maybe you have a new blog post or painting or song or handcrafted candles (etc etc etc) that is available for sale… post a comment with or without picture(s) that tells us about the thing you created.  When posting, share some details about why, when, who, what, where, or hows of your creation.

Who, What, When, Why, Where, How in speech bubbles on a colorful question mark background.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Consider sharing:

  • how it came about
  • your inspiration
  • how you feel about it
  • other insights into the process of creation
  • tell a story about it

You may include links to your work, but resist the urge to post asking for likes/follows or to sell your work.  Posts focused on self-promotion rather than sharing (as determined by me) may be deleted. 

In the interest of uplifting all acts of creativity, your posts should be focused on what you created not on selling it. However, if someone replies to your creativity asking for details on purchasing or a link to your shop, by all means, reply to them with the details.

I can’t wait to see what YOU have created!

Abstract art with image of a flower and text: "Never Stop Creating"
Image by ShonEjai from Pixabay


It was October… 2015… The name Loki was all around me at festival.  As was the sense that Loki was not appreciated by most… that he wasn’t to be trusted… and certainly not sought out.

 Thursday night, while hula hooping in ritual circle, my grip seemed to be slipping more than usual resulting in my hoop rolling away. I chased it, beginning my dance again. The second or third time this happened, “Dammit, Loki!” was out of my mouth before I realized I was speaking.

“WHAT?! LOKI?!” A quizzical expression… a shrug… I ran after my hoop… and returned to my dance.   That dance turned into an experience with Freyja.  I was confused and not confused by my outburst towards Loki.

Festival ended.  Months passed. I began experiencing occasional trances with visitations / conversations with various Norse deities.  Then, 19 June 2016… Loki showed up. I recognized Loki immediately… Their name filling my mind… pausing, almost asking if I’d listen.  I had an opportunity to dismiss Them.

Instead, I choose to listen.

Deciding to listen.
Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Echoes in my mind.  No visuals, just words.  They spoke of self-denial, self-acceptance, the divine spark, me carrying a piece of Their energy.  Emotionally, I was in a rough place when this conversation began. Struggling with my sexuality, my desire, and my expression of passion.

Looking back, it isn’t surprising Loki choose to initiate conversation at that moment.

The advice I received felt comfortable, it felt right.  It all made sense. Memories and feelings surfaced moving through me like a video playing in fast forward. I remembered expressing my frustration in middle/high school with feeling like a constant contradiction. Feeling like I never quite fit in with others. Thinking that for a girl… I sure did act like a boy.  Reflecting on my ability to solve problems… though often making things more difficult than necessary.

According to Loki, accept Loki… and I accept myself.  As the conversation ended… I felt both certain of doing so… and highly doubtful.  I may have even argued back a bit, questioning… “But… you are a trickster… how do I trust you?!?!”  At the same time, admitting that this was a connection I felt good about.

But… isn’t that how the Devil do?  Doesn’t listening to the Devil seem like a good idea at the time?

Image of a demon of devil - not how I see Loki.
Not how I envision Loki… Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Fear enveloped me. It took quite some time to realize this fear was rooted in beliefs influenced by Christianity. I hadn’t been raised going to church every Sunday, none-the-less I certainly picked up the dichotomy of good and evil, black and white, right and wrong. Somewhere deep, buried in my subconscious, was the idea that listening to Loki… meant I was listening to THE DEVIL.

While this binary world didn’t seem right, I felt if I didn’t fall in line – maybe, I WAS EVIL, TOO.  A belief that stayed with me… subconsciously informing my reluctance to accept my spiritual “father”.

I struggled and wrestled with my relationship with Loki.

Although, I have been surrounded by people who accepted Loki is the primary deity in my spiritual landscape… I tried to hide from this knowledge.  I allowed and created space for Loki to be hailed at our rituals. I researched and read other’s experiences of Them. I completed a ritual or two honoring Them. I interacted with him while not quite accepting him.

It was like a relationship where one person is afraid to be seen in public with the other, so they meet in secret.  

Loki, isn’t one to be silenced or be kept as a “dirty little secret”. As I began serving as a Council Member of The Witches’ Realm (a Keeping Her Keys Facebook group), I found myself responding to posts about Loki… sharing that They are my “patron” a term that never quite felt right but managed to get the point across.

Now, three years after They set out to explain the importance of my acceptance… I’m being prodded to share this tale… to share my fears… my experiences.  Admitting and accepting the mantle of Follower of Loki, Child of Loki (mayhaps even Priestess of Loki) publicly, still leaves me wondering about my sanity from time to time.

Following Loki… Listening to Loki… in my experience brings the dismantling of beliefs which hold one back.  Walking with Loki is a journey towards fulfilling dreams… doing what makes my soul sing. It’s learning to use my voice again… after being silent for so long.

A bird with open mouth
Me using my voice… Image by fxxu from Pixabay

Encountering Delays

Every journey has delays. A connecting flight doesn’t arrive on time. Another potty break is needed during a long road trip. Pretty wildflowers or a bubbling brook turns a focused hike into a meandering mosey. Encountering delays is a natural part of a journey. How we deal with encountering delays affects the rest of the journey.

One of my prominent traits is abundant ambition.

Woman stares longingly at a castle in the sky.
The beautiful possibility is fully envisioned in my mind… the path to creating it often is unclear. Image by TweSwe from Pixabay

I’m not always chasing an ambition, but when I decide to go for something I often go BIG. Take my Self-Love September Journey, I decided I would create videos every day in September to share my spiritual witchy practice. Only a few days in, I’ve found some delays.

I totally didn’t realize how labor and time intensive this would be. Obviously, it would be a big project and require focus, determination, and commitment. I also didn’t consider the impact of days which required me to focus on other things, as well.

Looks like the Self-Love September Journey will take longer than September to finish.

The past two days, I’ve encountered a series of technical challenges which I’ve overcome or found ways to work around the issue. I’m learning a ton of things about this process that I had no idea I would need to consider:

  • How drastically changing camera settings can affect recordings
  • The challenges of recording audio outside when airplanes often fly overhead
  • The weather / temperature patterns of the days
  • How early I need to be up to record before the cameras will overheat
  • How very long it can sometimes take to compile video
  • It takes a LONG time to create things I’m happy with
  • Virgo Me REALLY likes details (ok… I knew that one)
  • How many unpredictable factors there are in this project!

This is the perfect time to be practicing self-love.

Background of clocks with heart shapes superimposed.
Perfect time to practice self-love. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Instead of feeling like a failure for not meeting my self-imposed SUPER AMBITIOUS deadline… I’m celebrating the awesomeness of learning new skills and continuing to create despite things being challenging! I’m not going to give up just because I’ve had some set backs. I will remain focused, keep trying, and practice perseverance, in a self-loving way.

Practice #4 is taking it’s slooooooowwwwwwww time compiling. Hopefully by the time I go to bed, I’ll be able to get it uploading to YouTube – if not, I’ll start it first thing in the morning. Until then, I’ll continue posting the daily divination prompts in Wyrd Divination whether the videos are ready or not. ❤

Day 3 – Stability

Hugging myself. Text: Day 3 - Stability.

We enter the third day of our journey.

For Day 3 – Stability is our focus. In our physical practice we find our footing. Attention is drawn to the legs and feet as we begin to rise up off the floor. If you missed yesterday’s practice, click here or start from the beginning.

Creating a solid foundation is necessary in our yoga practice to protect the body from injury. Off the mat, the foundation of other aspects of our life can indicate what level of stability we find within that aspect.

Concrete structures provide support for overpass.
A stong foundation makes a different. Image by Lutz Peter from Pixabay

Today’s yoga practice – Rising from the floor!

For our Day 3 – Stability yoga practice, you might want to have a set of blocks (or a couple thick books) nearby to help bring the ground a little higher as we move from hands-and-knees to standing today. A blanket, towel, or other piece of folded fabric may also be useful to provide extra padding under the knees.

We’ll continue to pay attention to the four corners of our feet as we find our way to standing.

Feet and legs of a child standing on solid ground.
Image by Esi Grünhagen from Pixabay

Today’s Meditation – Finding Stability

Starting from a place of groundedness, we seek stability. The stability we find by centering into a space of quiet within ourselves can help us navigate the rest of life when upheaval touches our lives.

A house built upside down.
Sometimes, it feels like everything is upside down. Image by Kai Meißner from Pixabay

Today’s Divination: How can self-love help me find stability?

The High Priestess from the Shadowscapes Tarot.
The High Priestess. Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot. Image by Serendipity Wyrd

She whispers, “inner knowing, intuition, trust yourself.”

The High Priestess absolutely FEELS like the right energy and answer to this question for me right now… but translating that feeling into English words is proving challenging.

Doing this work, creating this journey, brings me more in alignment with my path – my possibility.  This alignment creates stability.  Appreciating and sharing my gifts brings me joy.

The element of Air is so present in this imagery.  The High Priestess here seems to float about the waves.  Waves which hold secrets and mysteries.  Below her flies an owl whose form replicates that of herself.  Wings and  arms outstretched in flight. 

“Won’t you soar?” She asks.  “Take flight and allow yourself to rise to your potential.  Answer the call to love your own soul and know that nothing will be able to keep you down.”

Engage with the full practice:

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Day 2 – Grounding

We enter the second day of our journey.

Here in Day 2 – Grounding, we begin to connect to the Root Chakra. Chakra is the sanskrit word meaning “wheel” which refers to the various energy centers found in the body. There are hundreds of chakras. We’ll be focuses on the “big 7” as we move through days 2-29 of the journey. I like to imagine my chakras as whirling, swirling spirals of energy found in key points of my body.

The Root Chakra, in Sanskrit: मूलाधार or anglicized as Muladhara, is found at the very base of the spine. It literally translates to ““root and basis of Existence.” It governs the areas of our bodies dealing with excretion, as well as the legs and feet. This energy center informs our groundedness, stability, security, and base needs. Sometimes, people refer to this as the “I need” chakra.

Our practices for days 2-5 will be centered on activating and working with the energy of our Root Chakra. Today, we are specifically looking at Grounding.

Today’s yoga practice – engage those feet and legs!

Grounding at the water's edge.  Barefeet in the sand.
Image by Nadine Asfour from Pixabay

For the Day 2 – Grounding yoga practice, you’ll need a rolled up towel, blanket, or other piece of fabric. Be sure to have your journal and divination tools on hand. Before starting, I encourage you to take the time to set up a sacred space for your practice. Maybe light a candle dedicated to your practice or burn a special incense.

We start from a seated position, legs outstretched, engaging and working with our feet. Then, shifting to our backs, we continue feeling into our feet. Connecting with each toe. Finding the four corners of our feet – a term you often hear in yoga classes.

From here, we take a brief foray into Bridge Pose (sanskrit: Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) and place our rolled up towel / blanket / other fabric underneath the sacrum – above the tail bone – for Supported Bridge. After staying here for a few breaths, we’ll return to Bridge Pose. Then, lowering gentle to the ground, we take a moment for rest.

Supported Bridge always helps me ground. The lift through the lower back tends to feel glorious as the rest of my body melts into the ground. Finding the right spot for the support is key to this pose. Too high or too low can be painful. I like the rolled up fabric instead of a block because it is softer on the back. Experiment with what feels best for your body.

When practicing Bridge and Supported Bridge it is important to pay attention to the alignment of your neck – tucking your chin into the chest while lifting the pelvis straight up helps protect you from neck injury.

Today’s Meditation – Grounding into our Roots

Large tree roots grounding into the earth.
Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay

Today’s Divination: How can I feel grounded in my self-love?

Knight of Wands from the Shadowscapes Tarot.
My personal divination for Day 2 – Grounding. Image by Serendipity Wyrd. Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot

When I think of grounding, I tend to lean way into the element of Earth.  Today, the element whispering to me, instead, is Fire 🔥🔥🔥

Actually, today, Fire wasn’t so much “whispering” – he was yelling!  Recording the footage for today’s practice video – both cameras overheated in the sun!  I took 3 tries to get everything recorded.  AND… my candle ended up melting while lit – ALL the wax caught creating quite a large flame! 

Candle on fire in a dish on an altar.
Witches! Don’t leave your candles unattended! Image by Serendipity Wyrd

Then, the Knight of Wands shows up in ALL of his Fiery Glory!  Knights are often considered fire cards, as are the wands.  I’m totally feeling double fire here.  If I remember correctly, the Knight of Wands, made a couple of appearances in last year’s Self-Love divination.  I remember seeing Loki in this card – excited and ready for trouble. 😜

While definitely not a card I would typically jump to for describing grounding… he feels right for me at this time.  To stay connected and grounded within this journey, I gotta be ready to create, to move, to be passionate, and to surge forward.  The action of creating the daily videos, of keeping my practice active, IS an act of grounding for me, right now.

Engage with the full practice:

Self-Love September Journey

Hugging Myself - text: Self Love September Journey
Giving myself a hug – Graphic created by Serendipity Wyrd

September has always held a special place in my heart.

It’s the time when the weather often starts to shift from INSANELY HOT to MODERATELY DECENT. Autumn descends upon us. AND… it’s the month of my birth. It’s only natural for me to undertake a Self-Love September Journey.

Through my Instagram, I’ve documented some of my yoga journey, inner joy, and emotional struggles. As I created (mostly) daily journals on IG about my practice this past June/July, I realized that I could actually create videos sharing my practice with all y’all. This led to filling a notebook with plans and ideas for what a Self-Love September Journey could look like. To be sure I could follow through on this ambitious project, I planned to record videos throughout August.

Then, August came bearing grief as my brother passed suddenly from this world into the land of spirit. My heart broke open as memories flooded in of caring for him and centering my life around him in my youth. I let my daily practices fall away as I alternated between surrendering to grief and entertaining myself with distractions. Some days, I didn’t want to get off the couch, let alone do yoga.

By the end of the month, the initial shock had subsided.

I missed my daily yoga and meditation… and I’d barely shuffled any of my cards in weeks. I pulled a couple cards looking at what I want… and what action to take to get it.

Seven of Swords - Figure sneaking away carrying 5 out of 7 swords.  Ace of Cups - An overflowing cup is being offered with an open hand.
Deck: Radiant Rider-Waite-Smith. Photo by Serendipity Wyrd.

The Seven of Swords whispered to me of my desire to take all I’ve learned – gather it all up – and move on… into a space of my own creation. It was time to leave behind my conflicted feelings, those imposter syndrome style insecurities. What action would carry me forward?

The Ace of Cups – joyous and jubilantly overflowing – the promise and possibility of new emotions, new connections, new fluid motion. The flow would carry me forward.

These cards encouraged me to proceed with my project.

I realized I need myself to be the vessel, the chalice, of possibility and potential. To release my fears, I must confront them. I must find the flow, the current, which has carried me through times of strife and struggle to bring me new prosperity.

So, I am. For 30 days, I am creating daily practices mixing Movement (yoga), Meditation, and Messages (divination) which will become the Self-Love September Journey. I know the general path and theme… but the actual experience will unfold as it flows through me. I’m incredibly excited to be birthing this journey.

The Intro to the Self Love September Journey
Self Love September Journey – Yoga, Meditation, Divination Practice – Day 1

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Creating Synthesis ~ Project Update

At the beginning of the year, I outlined my goals for 2020. A Creating Synthesis ~ Project Update is definitely over due!

Let’s review the plan as it was in January:

Current changes in place:

~ NO SODA 2020

~ Yoga – EVERY DAMN DAY – as often as possible at the The Shiva Yoga Shala

~ Restaurants are for special occasions not everyday

~ Deleted all phone games besides Pokémon Go

~ Walking to the library daily for the PokéStop

Intermittent Fasting – Calorie intake hours are 14:00-22:00

~ Daily Update – Currently via going Live on my Serendipity Wyrd Facebook page.

~ Creating monthly divination challenges

Continuing to better my living space and create sacred work space

NO SODA 2020

This first “rule” of the year, I have stuck by 100%. It hasn’t even been an issue. I don’t think about soda or want it. I have firmly placed sugary carbonated beverages into a “this isn’t food and I don’t consume it” place in my mind.

I’m totally still guilty of consuming sugary drinks – sweet tea, coffee, and lemonade. Often though, I choose water or unsweetened tea.


How about “most days”? This is definitely an area of my life which has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

My original plan called for “Yoga – EVERY DAMN DAY – as often as possible at the The Shiva Yoga Shala“. I practiced some at the Shala at the beginning of the year – I even started teaching a few classes!

Then, in mid-March, it was clear Covid-19 had made it to the United States. Shutdowns started and attending in person classes was no longer an option.

I was blessed with the opportunity to teach online in April and May. June came and reopening started happening across the state – including my beloved studio. I opted not to return to in-person yoga (as teacher or student) until I felt more secure about Covid-19.

Since May, I’ve been chronicling my mostly daily yoga practice over on Instagram.

Restaurants are for special occasions not everyday

This one has become INCREDIBLY easy to adhere to in the wake of the pandemic. Since mid-March, we’ve made all our meals at home. No fast food. No restaurants.

This is a reality I’ve strived for but was always easy to sidestep. Excuses to swing by fast food or take the family to a restaurant were always easy to find – until it became much more important to #stayhome.

Deleted all phone games besides Pokémon Go

Not much changed here. Pokémon Go was a daily thing for awhile – especially once we entered stay-at-home orders in March. The only journeys out of the house were nightly walks to the closest poké stop.

Then, I got bored with Pokémon Go. I felt like I was spending too much time trying to achieve goals in the game and I wasn’t getting satisfaction from it.

I also deleted the Facebook app from my phone in June. I found myself REALLY needing a break to refocus on my own inner work. I don’t miss sinking hours into staring at Facebook or phone games.

Walking to the library daily for the PokéStop

As states above, this one fell out of favor sometime in April or May. The family and I go for walks at least once a week around the neighborhood.

Intermittent Fasting – Calorie intake hours are 14:00-22:00

This one has shifted around the end of May / beginning of June. I like the rhythm that intermittent fasting brings to my life but the timing wasn’t working well in the household.

I’m currently working on adjusting my sleep / wake times. Then, I will likely revisit intermittent fasting.

Daily Update

When I laid out this project, I envisioned going Live on my Serendipity Wyrd Facebook page, daily. I did that through out April and May in conjunction with divination challenges I created.

Going live daily is a challenge! Loads of things can get in the way – even while staying at home. I decided to take a sabbatical from my daily lives through June and July to evaluate what is working for me and what isn’t.

I’ve been continuing my (mostly) daily updates via Instagram since mid-May mostly focused on my yoga practice.

Creating monthly divination challenges

Totally met this goal from January – May. By June, I was very close to burning out. As an act of self-care, I decided to take a break from developing the challenges through June and July.

Continuing to better my living space and create sacred work space

Loads of progress in this arena. I have gone through (and found homes for) mostly all of my things. My art altar / desk is actually organized and usable. Though, my techno-computer altar / desk is not.

My computer is currently in pieces as I wait for new hardware to upgrade it. That is happening this week, then, reorganizing / designing the techno altar / desk is on the agenda.

TL;DR: I’m happy with the progress I’ve made

This year has definitely thrown some curve balls and changes I didn’t anticipate (though make sense in regards to the energetics I had been feelings) have happened.

While I may not be doing all the things I *thought* I wanted to be doing in the ways I thought they should be done, I’m definitely making progress.

Planting Seeds of Growth

Planting Seeds of Growth full challenge text overlaid on green background with photo of path and plants.

Planting Seeds of Growth ~ the Wyrd Divination Challenge for March 2020.

Planting Seeds of Growth full challenge text overlaid on green background with photo of path and plants.
Planting Seeds of Growth – March 2020 – Wyrd Divination Challenge graphic by author.

Prompts are posted daily to Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. Join along, by posting your daily divination with the hastags: #wyrdseedsofgrowth #wyrddivination

To complete your daily divination, use the divination tool you feel most drawn to for the challenge. You can use Tarot, Oracle Cards, Runes, your bones and/or curios, or any other method you feel drawn to. For this challenge, I’ll be using the Faerie Tarot by Nathalie Hertz

Faerie Tarot by Nathalie Hertz – photo by author

As part of my Creating Synthesis Project 2020, I am creating monthly divination challenges. In February, the focus was Relationships (if you missed that challenge, you can find it here). As we move into and towards Spring, here in the Northern Hemisphere, thoughts of gardens, growth, and seeds are on my mind and so the metaphor of Planting Seeds of Growth began.

Planting Seeds of Growth takes you on a journey through the four elements and your seven main chakras.

You may notice a pattern as you move through the challenge. This challenge invites you to plan and prepare your spiritual garden by moving through the elements of Air (thoughts), Fire (actions), and Water (feelings) before moving into Earth where you identify the seeds you are ready to plant.

Why bother with all these questions?! I want to plant my garden NOW!

You certainly could jump right into planting your spiritual garden with whatever seeds of growth you like – but will this be sustainable? Will you TRULY experience transformation if you don’t take the time to plan your garden? Embarking on this journey allows you to identify the thoughts, actions, and feelings you need to address to not only PLANT your seeds but to sustain your growth.

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

As you move through each element, using daily divination you discover which energy would best serve each of your chakras to prepare your spiritual garden and eventually identify your seeds.

What are these chakras you speak of?

To answer this fully is the work of a lifetime – or more! The incredibly concise answer is that the word chakra translates from Sanskrit to English as “wheel”. They are part of our “subtle energy body”. Each chakra is like a 360° spinning wheel of energy with correspondences to certain aspects of your being. Each chakra – in English – is identified based on the location in the physical body. Depending on tradition and school of thought, the number of chakras can vary. For the purposes of this challenge, the focus is on the seven “main” chakras, or energy centers.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Each week, the focus begins with the first chakra – the Root – which concerns your safety. Next, you move to the second chakra – the Sacral – to discover what your creativity needs. Then, you visit your third chakra – the Solar Plexus – to look at your motivation. Onto your fourth chakra – the Heart – to uncover what needs healed. Moving upwards to your fifth chakra – the Throat – you find your voice and how to communicate. In the center of your forehead, lives the sixth chakra – the Third Eye – here, you look within to discover your vision. Finally, hovering slightly above the top of your head, you visit your seventh chakra – The Crown – to unlock your freedom.

By the end of the month, you’ll have worked through each of your chakras in conjunction with the four elements to plant YOUR seeds of growth!

The challenge awaits… are you ready to grow?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Creating Synthesis Project 2020

Colored hexagons in a circle with the text: Creating Synthesis 2020
Image by author

Howdy, y’all wonderful Wyrd~Os. Welcome to my Creating Synthesis Project 2020.

As some of you may know… I’ve decided to do a deep dive into a “depth year” for 2020. A depth year is when you narrow your focus to specific interests and look to go deeper into those interests instead of shallowly seeking a larger quantity of interests. This can also be done with a mind towards conservative spending so you use what you have versus going out and buying more things.

I’m calling this: Creating Synthesis Project 2020
Creating Synthesis is my project for this year. Diving deep into this depth year. Narrowing my focus to that which sings to my soul. Figuring out my magickal life and how I want to live it.

Making the changes I feel called to make while tracking the changes, how I feel, and what it is like to move through this process.

Current changes in place:
~ NO SODA 2020
~ Yoga – EVERY DAMN DAY – as often as possible at the The Shiva Yoga Shala
~ Restaurants are for special occasions not everyday
~ Deleted all phone games besides Pokémon Go
~ Walking to the library daily for the PokéStop
~ Intermittent Fasting – Calorie intake hours are 14:00-22:00
~ Daily Update – Currently via going Live on my Serendipity Wyrd Facebook page.
~ Creating monthly divination challenges
Continuing to better my living space and create sacred work space

Yes, this is super ambitious! Yes, I will likely “fail” at some portion of this throughout the year. THIS IS OK! I’m learning – and that’s what matters to me.

📺 Watch my daily lives for updates into how the changes are coming and how I feel emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

DAY 1 – I discuss the basis of the project.

DAY 2 – I discuss my day, returning to yoga at the Shala, where I was last year, and pull my day 1 cards for the January Year Ahead Divination Challenge I created.

The Crossroads of AND

The end of August brought the crossroads of AND.  A liminal space of possibility and potential. I stand in this space and see paths weaving out in limitless directions.  Overlapping, creating new crossroads as paths converge and mingle out into eternity – a space where multiple truths can exist at once.  AND.

A three-way crossroads.
Geoffery, my spirit buddy helper sits in the Crossroads.
Image by author, Serendipity Wyrd.

I’ve been quiet lately – contemplating life, the universe, and everything while standing in this crossroads. 

I say this both facetiously and seriously. How did I get here? Where am I going? Which path do I take?  I stand stationary in this crossroads while walking down my own path. I’m moving forward AND standing still.  How can that be truth? I don’t know. Magic?!

I’ve spent much of my life trying to literally and figuratively take up as little space as possible while simultaneously my physical belongings spilled out all over the place.  As if my unwillingness and refusal to take up the spiritual space my soul requires became manifest in the physical world. Spirit whispers, “You are too scared to step into your calling?  Here’s a physical representation of what your soul naturally does.” A pile of art supplies falls over.

Through this calendar year, this need to sort out my space, my belongings, and myself has been paramount.  I’m getting close to completing the physical work. I’ve actively spent a minimum of 20 years working towards coalescence – integration, joining and merging all the elements of me into a whole that I can understand as one being.

Broken shattered mirror with smoke.
Image by CeeMon from Pixabay

I can’t pinpoint the exact memory or moment when I shattered. 

Did I enter this incarnation fragmented? Did early childhood trauma create the schism?  For a long time, I searched for these answers thinking that healing a specific event would fix everything.  I think differently, now.

I no longer seek the “source” of the shattering – it really doesn’t matter and likely wasn’t one event.  What does matter to me now is healing, integration, and stepping into my calling. All year, the pieces have been falling into place as I’ve spun my spells, journaled, moved through Yoga Teacher Training, and delved back into art. All of which, I consider my witchcraft. Much like my mentor, Witchcraft is My Medicine.

The picture of the puzzle of Laura AND Serendipity Wyrd is coming into focus. It is still a little fuzzy, yet, there’s clarity on the horizon.

This process hasn’t been easy for me or for people close to me.

It’s never been my intention to cause hurt or harm to anyone as I heal.  Intentions don’t always matter though and healing is messy work. I’ve hurt and harmed myself and others while figuring all this out.  I’m not proud of all of my actions AND I own them as steps on this path of self-discovery.

Lit candle surrounded by words reflecting appreciation
Gratitude is an essential part of my practice.
Image by John Hain from Pixabay

I extend deep gratitude and appreciation to the people who have listened to my musings, rants, and confusion whether they are still actively involved in my life or not.  
I extend deep gratitude and appreciation to my soul, self, and shadow.

I’ve been blessed with wonderful partners, friends, guides, and mentors. 

The time for the leap of faith has come.

Woman falling after a leap of faith
Hail Hekate. I leap into the unknown trusting my soul to fly.
Image by Marta Cuesta from Pixabay

Flying AND falling – I welcome the Crossroads of AND.

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Love Letter to Myself

This love letter to myself was inspired by a post in The Black Hound Social Club (the “Pub” of The Witches’ Realm) created by Lisa Jade of Living the Liminal. The post was an invitation to share a selfie… and a love letter to ourselves. The thread popped up after a late night of self-reflection and writing a statement of my life’s purpose. I found this to be such an inspiring activity, I thought it should be saved and shared here.

Dearest Self, my Serendipitous Wyrd~o,
We’ve had a rocky relationship at times. It’s taken me a long while to realize my feelings for you. I was so caught up in who I thought you were supposed to be… that I was blind to who you already are.

Thank you for ripping off the blindfold. Thank you for your bravery and courage to wade through the darkness with me while as I stumbled towards your light!

I love you, today, and forever, for everything you are and have been. You are a thing of beauty, darling. 

You have always created space for others to feel comfortable, as evidenced by your dog lying on your butt in this photo. I’m so proud of you for learning to create the space for YOU to be comfortable.

Take my love… and forge the glorious beacon you are becoming for your truth, your authenticity, your brilliance, your creativity, and your beauty! 

Sincerely, with love and adoration, 
Serendipity Wyrd

Have you ever written yourself a love letter? How did it feel? Do you find it easy to love yourself? Is it a challenge? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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