Month: September 2020

Encountering Delays

Every journey has delays. A connecting flight doesn’t arrive on time. Another potty break is needed during a long road trip. Pretty wildflowers or a bubbling brook turns a focused hike into a meandering mosey. Encountering delays is a natural part of a journey. How we deal with encountering delays affects the rest of the journey.

Hugging myself. Text: Day 3 - Stability.

Day 3 – Stability

For Day 3 – Stability is our focus. In our physical practice we find our footing. Attention is drawn to the legs and feet as we begin to rise up off the floor.

Day 2 – Grounding

In Day 2 – Grounding of the Self-Love September Journey, join Serendipity Wyrd for yoga, meditation, and divination for the root chakra.

Self-Love September Journey

September has always held a special place in my heart. It’s the time when the weather often starts to shift from INSANELY HOT to MODERATELY DECENT. Autumn descends upon us. AND… it’s the month of my birth. It’s only natural for me to undertake a Self-Love September Journey. Through my Instagram, I’ve documented some of …

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