Magick-Making Muse

Serendipity Wyrd

Serendipity Wyrd helps witches, magick-makers, and spirit-seekers to find understand spirit, work their magic, and explore their shadows.

After 20 years of piecing together their own internal mysteries through shadow-work, yoga, creativity, and witchery, now they work to guide others through the same!

Ready to accept & embrace your wonderfully weird self?

Readings, Spiritual Guidance, and Yoga

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Connect with the Cosmos

Readings to find clarity of purpose.

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Merge Magick & Mundane

Discover a daily practice that works with your life to stay connected to your spirit throughout each day.

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Search the Shadows

Uncover the behaviors and beliefs buried in your shadows so you can transform your life.

Work with Me

Pull up a chair, join me at the table, and discover what Spirit has to say to you.

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